Eubank Academy of Fine Arts: The Turn Around School

A report from School Zone Institute (SZI) and the  Architecture and Children Program


Eubank Elementary School will receive a new school building in 2017, transforming the campus into the Janet Kahn School for Integrated Arts, the only school of its kind in New Mexico. This is fortuitous timing for students and staff alike to address what an Integrated Arts school entails.

School Zone Institute (SZI) recently completed an Architecture and Children, three-year pilot study program to teach interdisciplinary design thinking to selected classrooms from grades three to five. Teachers attended preparatory workshops and students engaged in three ten-week-long applied learning sessions taught by architects and tied to core curriculum: year one, architectural drawing conventions and model making; year two, cultural and historic studies related to Chaco Canyon; and year three, a bridges design experience linking physics, structure, drawing and model making. The Anne Taylor Portfolio Assessment and participant interviews provided qualitative data about student process, performance and products (designs).

For more information, click here to visit our website and read the report.


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